On “False Flags” and Agents Provocateurs

The Orthosphere

“There have already been many astonishing and horrible provocations against the FN by the Sorathic powers; but these have so far failed to evoke any escalation from that side.  Therefore, I think that the 2023 provocations will be directed against the West.”

Bruce Charlton, “What Will Be the 2023 Early Year Offensive Against Western Civilization . . .” Bruce Charlton’s Notions (Jan. 7, 2023)

Bruce is here predicting a dramatic escalation of the Ukrainian War by means of a staged atrocity or “false flag” operation.  Russia,  which he calls FN or the Fire Nation, has so far declined to lose its temper, overreact, and therefore furnish the pretext for its own destruction.  So Charlton expects the “Globalist Establishment” will dress up as a Russian and commit the atrocity for them.  Covertly “poking the bear” is Provocation Level 1, the purpose being to make the bear bellicose, thus providing a pretext to destroy the…

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