Nine rounds of sanctions on Russia have had “less than zero impact”.


The sanctions imposed by the European Union on Russia are a “shot in the foot”. Nine rounds of sanctions since the start of the war in Ukraine have served no purpose except to harm themselves.

The 13,000 sanctions have not had the intended impact. “The effect is less than zero,” confessed Austrian MEP Guy Verhofstadt (*). But they have no choice but to continue to bluff. The bosses in the White House demand it.

For the Austrian government there is no alternative. This summer Chancellor Karl Nehammer said he had no intention of changing the sanctions policy against Russia. Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler (Greens) told ORF that he was “in favour of the maximum continuation of sanctions”. The ninth sanctions package has been welcomed by the Austrian government.

Sanctions are the modern form of the old medieval sieges, when armies camped in front of a fortress and did not let…

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