MIND GAMES: ‘The Battle For The Mind’, How To Exit An Artificial Reality – By Cynthia Chung


Source – canadianpatriot.org

  • “…As Aldous says we have plenty of bread, circuses, miracles and mysteries in our day in age, but that is not what ultimately creates a population that will remain essentially paralyzed while tyranny increasingly takes reign over the people. The true source of our enslavement is our rejection that there could be an alternate reality, that the world could exist with the Good presiding and that Harmony can be an everlasting thing. It is our culture, our education and thus our arts and our warping of religious and spiritual teachings that have caused many to accept an artificial reality where they can only exist in some form of a slave. Many, not all but I would dare say the majority, who in the west at least, claim to have religion and spirituality also accept this artificial reality of a slave”

The Battle for the Mind: How to…

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