Klaus Schwab Summons 52 Heads of State to Attend ‘Urgent’ Globalist Summit

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Klaus Schwab has summoned 52 heads of state and government and nearly 600 CEOs to an urgent meeting as the World Economic Forum hosts its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland next week, organizers said Tuesday.

Forum organizers said their latest lineup for the elite gathering of political leaders, business executives, cultural trend-setters and international organization chiefs will tackle issues facing a divided world as 2023 begins, with war and conflict, economic pressures and climate change in focus.

“There is no doubt that our 53rd annual meeting in Davos will happen against the most complex geopolitical and economic backdrop in decades,”said forum President Borge Brende, pointing to challenges like the threat of global recession, soaring energy and food prices, and the need to better address global warming.

Breitbart report: Russia’s nearly yearlong war in Ukraine and COVID-19 restrictions and now a wave of infections in China have helped weaken the global…

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