I’m Lovin’ It

To Reclaim Normality

Borrowing a popular McDonald’s advertising slogan, what I’m lovin’ is watching the accelerated unraveling of “our” federal government – specifically, as evidenced by the deadlock over electing a Speaker of the House of Representatives (the House having adjourned without one) and that currently not one member of the 118th Congress has been formally sworn into office.

It’s broken, folks. Hopelessly, irremediably broken by decades of corruption, fraud, greed, apathy, and all-around moral collapse. It simply no longer functions as a mechanism for administration of constitutional government of the nation, and it’s beyond idiotic to keep pretending that it does. If we were to be brutally honest with ourselves, we would admit that this failed, if noble experiment of a nation began dying the day that the Constitutional Convention was convened (unlawfully) in Philadelphia in 1788. It has only gone down hill from there, each successive phase of…

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