Germany’s Iran Sanctions – Iranians stunned by so much stupidity


Germany has been waging an economic war against the Islamic Republic of Iran for several decades – in recent years even in violation of international law. Initially, the sanctions were limited to military goods, but then they were extended to all goods on earth. The export of medicines was not banned at first, but who is currently suffering from a shortage of medicines, not the Iranians, but us.

The Iranians and the rest of the Muslim world are once again laughing at the German government and its pioneering idea of collecting medicines at flea markets. Doctors in Iran do not call their patients and ask for donations of medicine, but supposedly this is current practice among pediatricians in Germany.

Iran’s disconnection from the global payment system was also a shot in its own foot. German manufacturers could no longer export their goods to Iran.

The Western intention to limit Iran’s…

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