Food Conglomerates Have Been Buying Off Scientists in Food Pyramid Scandal

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Science journalist and author Nina Teicholz joins ‘Jesse Watters Primteime’ to discuss reports big food has been ‘buying’ off scientists to recommend ‘profitable’ foods in new food pyramid.

It is a simple story. If one has any doubt about the reliability of our institutions to insure they have our best interests at heart, look no further then the recommendations of the latest version of the Food Pyramid,

Many of us grew up with the triangle of good food eating. We were aware of numerous iterations. Finally,

“USDA officials have said the old ‘MyPyramid’ was too complex and did not give people an easy way to compare their meals to the ideal balance recommended. As AP explained: USDA officials say the pyramid was tired out, overly complex and tried to communicate too many different nutrition facts at once.”

Well, worry no more. Jesse Watters gives us the story behind…

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