Earthly Morals

The Serpent's Loft

I make it a point to read my son a story before bed, and one before nap if I’m fortunate enough to be home for it. Last year I read Aesop’s Fables, the Moralistic British Guy Version. I’m not internetting where I am writing, so no Google. Anyway. I also read him “The New Edda,” and “Norse Gods and Heroes.” It is my unprofessional opinion that most children’s media is garbage. Soul-rot. Junkfood for the brain. And I suppose, like with junk-food, it’s less a problem if you eat your nutritious veggies. Besides, my wife prefers the kinderjunk. So, whatever. She feels part of the childhood experience is cute, I feel it is more important to seed good traits, wisdom and insight early and often. The God of Nature gave children two parents for this reason and determined opposites should attract.
My wife is squishy, warm and vivacious. I am…

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