Coming Back To You

According To Hoyt

We humans like tidy stories and clear lines.

But life isn’t like that. Live is complicated and confusing, it has self returns, and winding paths.

Our republic can get lost all over the place. It has. You can say it was lost almost as soon as it was founded, and things crept in that should never have. But with al that, all the flaws and warts, and the last hundred years marred by statist idiots (to be fair it is almost impossible to escape the infection of the age and the twentieth century was a time of centralizing power) it is still the best place on Earth and the hope of mankind.

Which makes me feel much better, because I swear the last 20 years have been a saga of pushing forward, recovery, falling down again, recovery again…. rinse repeat.

Now, there are signs of hope. Despite the fact I’ve…

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