Climate Changed: Calm, Gloomy Weather Killing Europe’s Grand Wind & Solar ‘Transition’


In the mother of all ironies, Europe’s wind and sun cult are complaining about uncooperative weather. The Germans have even coined a word for it: ‘dunkelflaute’ – meaning a period of gloomy, windless weather. Which, in reality, means little or nothing by way of output from their more than 30,000 wind turbines and millions of solar panels.

The unimaginative Brit hasn’t coined a precise equivalent, yet, but they too are plagued by the same phenomenon, so expect another addition to the English weather dictionary soon enough.

For now, the closest is “wind drought”, which tends to suggest malevolence on the part of the wind Gods, apparently conspiring against our ‘inevitable grand transition’ by withholding the wind resource we’ve been supposedly ‘blessed’ with.

Or, here’s a thought, it could simply be the very nature of Nature itself.

In dozens of posts over the last decade, STT has documented the dozens of…

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