Chicago’s Downward Spiral

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It’s not easy to identify America’s worst-governed city. You can make a case for jurisdictions such as San FranciscoDetroitNew York City, Minneapolis, or Seattle.

For what it’s worth, there is statistical research from last decade showing places like New York and Los Angeles are among the worst of the worst, but I wonder if Chicago actually deserves top billing

There are many reasons to criticize the Windy City. Crime is rampant, taxes are excessive, and schools are terrible.

And, to make matters worse, Chicago is in America’s worst-governed state (at least based on my poll, which is not scientific but is probably accurate).

I already wrote once about bad public policy in Chicago. Today’s column is going to show that things are getting even worse.

I’ve written about how taxpayers are fleeing poorly governed states. Well, they’re also fleeing poorly governed…

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