Al Qaeda Lifeline Supplies through NATO Turkey Extended by UNSC, Again!


Al Qaeda terrorists in their stronghold de facto capital, Idlib can breathe easily for an additional six months, once again, after the United Nations Security Council extended their lifeline supply routes bypassing the Syrian state through their sponsors in the NATO member state Turkey, Russia and China did not object.

Analysts are bewildered about what kind of concessions did Russian President Putin extract from the Turkish madman Erdogan to allow the extension of the suffering of up to 4 million Syrians living under the mercy of the world’s worse terrorist group and its mafia partners in the West!

The Russian repeated freezing of the Syrian crisis is only benefitting the enemies of the Syrian people by the enemies of humanity, aka the NATO ‘defensive’ alliance and its proxy terrorist groups and their warlords.

United Nations Security Council Resolution 2642 allows the extension of supplies to Al Qaeda warlords in Idlib…

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