What Americans Would Be Doing If They Had Any Balls, Backbone, And Guts

To Reclaim Normality

Although he bitched out in the end like his American counterpart, The Orange Man, supporters of deposed Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro aren’t taking their president’s ouster lying down and have converged upon the national capital in protest. Unlike the January 6 protest in the U.S. of two years ago, this one appears to be grassroots and its participants are demonstrating that they mean business. While I’m not going to lay money on their odds of success, their actions are sending a very loud and clear message to the Globalist junta that has usurped power in Brazil. It’s also important to take into account that these people (most of them) don’t even have weaponsat their disposal – unlike their American forbears of two years ago.

I wonder if any “American patriots”[TM] are paying attention to this event. I’m not betting on that, either.

Once again: America’s founders were…

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