The spirit of autocracy in the commissars (Genealogy of Russian National Bolshevism) By Alexander Dugin


The Original Russian Version can be found here:

“Killer of the red saint of the chalice!”

Nikolai Klyuev

The most complete and interesting (to date) study of Russian National Bolshevism is the book of Mikhail Agursky. Agursky was a dissident, he emigrated from the USSR to Israel in the 1970s, but at the same time, his attitude towards Soviet National Bolshevism remains extremely objective, and in some cases deep sympathy comes through in his assessments. In our opinion, Agursky’s work is the most serious work dedicated to the Soviet period of Russian history, helping to understand its deep spiritual meaning.

1. National recognition of Bolshevism

Agursky defines the essence of Russian national Bolshevism as follows: “… From the very beginning of the Bolshevik revolution, Bolshevism and the new Soviet state itself were recognized by various emigration groups and in Russia itself as meeting true Russian national and even religious interests. The…

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