Maya And Genesis


“The Creation Story of the Maya” is a Mayan religious text on how the earth and people as we know it came into existence. To give a brief summary of the story there was six Deities covered in green and blue feather that decided to create life on this earth. The names of these Deities where Shaper, Tepew, Quetzal Serpent, Xpiyacóc, Hurakan, and Xmucané. To separate the sky from the earth the deities decided to plant a large ceiba tree that made room for life on the planet. The deities soon created plants, animals, and then tried to create humans. The first proto humans they created were made up of mud, but they had no souls, so the Deities decided to wipe them out with a great flood. The second group of proto humans the Deities created were made of wood but the wood people failed to worship and were…

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