A Cop is a Drug’s Way of Making More Drugs


Was it Harold McInnis’s or McLuhan’s phrase?–A newspaper is an ad’s way of making more ads.

I thought of this while reading Compact magazine today about private security firms hired in Portland and other victim-cities of the 2020 Color Revolutions. The article is very good, and this is proven by the fact that its central hook–the abhorrent notion that private security firms are taking over for public police, latifunda style–is really the least interesting thing about it. What is exceptional is how it desribes the contours of the military occupation of our country.

To call these workers private security seems a tad off. A more apt title might be armed social workers. A proper security officer would confront criminals or would-be criminals, apprehend them through citizen’s arrest, and deliver them to the appropriate magistrate. Citizen’s arrest is now practically verboten even where not positively illegal, as…

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