Tubularsock’s New Years Revolutions

Well HOT DAMN! It is 2023.

The thing about new years is that they come EVERY year. So where’s the surprise?

But hell, IT’S TRADITION so why not make believe that it has meaning.

Ok ………. meaning FOR WHAT?

Now, now don’t fret over the answer. Not even a little. All “New Years” is, is MORE FAKE MEANINGLESS BULL SHIT! Without a real bull.

And sure, you can dwell on “where’s the bull” that left all this shit BUT you’re not a fucking rancher so why do you care.

The fact is ……. the bull shit IS REAL!

Going with the TRADITION Tubularsock has made a list of his Revolutions for this new year.

FIRST: Tubularsock is going to start a cool d’état and overthrow the Government of the United State and put somebody into the Presidential position that is “cool”.

So far WE have had…

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