Traitors Everywhere

The American Citadel

Society is full of traitors. The Republicans are traitors. The Democrats are traitors. Behind every bush there’s a turncoat or sniveling coward prepared to sell out his country for fame, fear, or funds. Today, I focus on the Republican scoundrels who infest the halls of government. 

In my first article of 2023, tiled “You Can’t Trust Anyone, Except. . .”, I railed against politicians on both pretend sides of the uniparty political Establishment. I said: 

“In politics, you can’t trust anyone. Survey the political landscape as 2022 fades into the past and who do you see that stands out as a beacon of truth, light, and trustworthiness? Who is a true leader? President Trump? President Bolsonaro? Zionist Netanyahu? Tsar Putin? Emperor Xi? Befuddled Biden? Governor DeSantis? Senator Rand Paul?

“There’s not a single man in politics in any nation whom I trust implicitly. There’s no George Washington, John Adams…

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