Israel’s New War Crimes: Bombing Damascus International Airport


Israel’s first war crime for the year 2023 was bombing Damascus International Airport at the dense of the night, Syria’s main commercial airport in operation.

A military spokesperson confirmed the bombing and that the airport went out of service due to this war crime.

Syria called upon the United Nations Security Council to condemn the barbaric repeated war crime of Israel and to put an end to its disregard for international law, and its continued provocations trying to ignite another regional war that might easily become a global one.

Israel has repeatedly targeted Syria’s civilian infrastructure, similar to what the US-led coalition is doing and to what Al Qaeda and its ISIS offshoot have been doing for the past 12 years.

Imagine the news: Syria bombs Isreal’s main commercial airport, then imagine the reaction from the self-proclaimed international community, ie: the USA and its EU lackeys, then imagine the calls…

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