ISDS is the Globalists’ secret tool to undermine national sovereignty

Rights and Freedoms


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The latent multinational corporate state technocracy has gifted itself a secret tool, little discussed in electoral politics:the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (“ISDS”).

With its wonky, innocuous-sounding name, the ISDS framework for governing trade disputes is designed to garner as little interest, and therefore as little pushback, as possible from the public.

ISDS isdefined by Thomson Reutersas:

Aprocedural mechanism that allows an investor from one country to bring arbitral proceedings directly against the country in which it has invested.

ISDS provisions are contained in many international agreements including free trade agreements,bilateral investment treaties,multilateral investment agreements, national investment laws, and investment contracts. If an investor from one country (the “home state”) invests in another country (the “host state”), both of which have agreed to ISDS, and the host state violates the rights granted to the investor under public international…

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