Energy Vampirisation: The World Cup’s filthy vibe


Emmanuel Macron, was present in the stands on Sunday 18 December during Qatar’s World Cup 2022 final at the Lusail stadium in the island city in the state of Qatar. What was Macron doing there?

Was he vamping Kylian Mbappé? The football pitch is “in reality a ritual space in which every element of the whole has been designed with a view to a sacrificial operation. The psychological impact of the game on crowds, its capacity to galvanise primal instincts by generating a collective emotion that becomes colossal when the game is mediatised, all this did not come about by chance, unless one ignores the esoteric science available to the inventors of football”.

“Hitting the Dane’s head” was a popular game among English children, who amused themselves by hitting the skulls of Danes left on the battlefield. It is claimed that this ball game originated in China, suggesting an Atlantean…

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