Encouraging crime


New laws restricting who can purchase tobacco and where it can be purchased will encourage crime:

Dairy owners are dismayed at maps showing where the Government will allow ‘smoked tobacco’ to be sold, which will lead to serious crime like armed holdups, car jackings and even kidnapping, given each outlet is likely to average $4 million in sales with a large percentage being cash.

“Will the government listen? No. This is fake consultation because they’ve already made up their mind as they only listen to academics and theorists,” says Sunny Kaushal, Chair of the Dairy and Business Owner’s Group Incorporated.

“Dr Verrall’s plan will put crime on steroids with more injuries, and sadly, more murders.

Working in a dairy ought not to be a dangerous job but it is and this legislation makes the job even more dangerous.

“Cigarette sales are worth around $2.4 billion, with over $2…

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