Canada Has It’s False Patriot and Hostile Conservative Flag Wrapping War Monger Reactionary Families.


As Donald Trump said the mass media media is the enemy of the people. If this family buys up newspapers a part of the establishment ei 6 eyes intelligence agencies which include the murder incorporate called Mossad ” By way of deception we shall wage war. ” . The Intelligence agency is a serpent or servant of zionist Wall Street & city of London Zionists and such occult gangsters believe in Talmud which says gentiles are cattle and only ethic of jews is towards poor jews or jewish power. Thus the ADL founded due to a jewish pencil plant manager who taking the Talmud which is the driving or top book of most jews and raped and murdered a 13 year old girl named Mary Fagan in 1913. The child labour was caused by the Rothschild Napoleonic war mongering the 5 million dead but more millions death by poverty…

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