Suspicions confirmed: the true value of Congress

The Price of Liberty

If you had any real hope of Congress doing something that is good for you, your family, or society, this week shows what foolishness that was.

It isn’t even providing good entertainment! Just doing the same thing over and over, proving that a House of Representatives controlled one old party (the GOP) will be no change from control by the other old party.

The best thing that we can say here at TPOL about this stupid little game is that millions of Americans are again seeing that Congress and its members have no honor and no principles. That their true commitment is not to those they supposedly represent, but to power, prestige, and above all, business as usual.

In so many words, Congress is worthless. It has no redeeming value. Its corruption has reached a nadir.

But in that worthlessness, what does it do? It reflects the electorate. Not just…

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