Southwest’s Meltdown Reminds Us We Must End Airlines’ Corporate Welfare | Mises Wire


As stranded customers sought to reschedule their flights at the Nashville airport las week, Southwest employees called in the police to threaten customers with arrest if they didn’t immediately leave the area.

At the same time Southwest was voluntarily throwing toddlers off planes for eating incorrectly, it was receiving billions in taxpayer money as part of the federal government’s bailout of US airlines. This was the second bailout for Southwest in twenty years, an earlier bailout having come in 2001.

Ryan McMaken

Southwest Airlines experienced an enormous meltdown over the Christmas holiday week last month, cancelling thousands of flights, and losing track of—or outright losing—countless pieces of luggage. The airline was full of excuses, of course. As has become fashionable for government and corporate screw-ups, airline management attempted to blame covid for staffing problems. Southwest also blamed the weather. It’s amazing they didn’t also try to somehow blame “

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