How Europe could find a way out of the spiral of ever new wars


War is a science of destruction

“War is a science of destruction,”saidJohn SC Abbott, “which results only in loss of life and property/land.Both parties pursuing the war end up with massive economic and social losses.”

In recent times, these statements have proven to be prophetic, be it the Afghanistan conflict or the conflicts in Syria and Lebanon or the war between Russia and Ukraine, or the NATO, EU and Russia.

The actors in this tragedy obviously don’t care about the losses.It doesn’t affect you personally, and it doesn’t matter how the Ukrainians, the Russians, the Germans and the rest of the world fare.

The actors see war or the preparation for it as the only alternative on the way to all-encompassing world peace.After only 11 months, the left-wing “Give Peace a Chance” community became a Ukraine debacle, a snarling pack of politicians and journalists who have…

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