Gifts, Coal and Links

The American Sun


Zelensky – Man can call for WW3 and nuclear exchanges but still be showered with weapons and money as well as great PR by American media. They upped his green war wardrobe too.

NGOs – The omnibus pours money into their treasuries.

Business Cartels – Service is bad? There’s only 5 providers in that sector. Everything more expensive? Tough luck, business consolidation takes time and now you pay.


Kanye – There was promise and then things went wobbly. No one is giving him airtime. His business manager is looking for money. Very sad. Maybe he has a trick up his sleeve to get going.

Farmers – You are next in the destruction. Netherlands is a prototype. Once again, consolidation has set you up.

Americans – Real Americans getting coal from here on out.


The shallow sea coasts should be explored and LIDARed as much as possible. Who…

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