Coalition Government ? We Already Have it


“Coalition Government” with DemComs? We already have that! Any “coalition” with a Communist-fascist movement based on brute force against peaceful citizens means one thing: Brute force wins.

Coalition is a decorative concept. Dems set the agenda, Republicans implement it. This has gone on for generations. Dems pass Social Security and Medicare; Republicans implement and even expand them. Dems pass Obamacare; Republicans (aside from Trump) make no effort to dismantle it, despite promises. Dems inaugurate new taxes, starting with the income tax a century ago; Republicans raise taxes they initially claimed to oppose.

We already have a coalition government. We already have ONE party. We need a SECOND party. If you think you’re going to get it under Kevin McCarthy, you’re mistaken. But if you think you’re going to get it under anyone who opposes him, you’re likely mistaken too.

None of these skirmishes are about anything important. They’re just the…

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