Time to Boycott: Companies Discriminating Against the Unvaccinated

The Most Revolutionary Act

The Naked Emperor’s Newsletter | January 5, 2023

Time to boycott

Almost a year ago, I wrote about the companies discriminating against their employees just because they were unvaccinated against Covid-19. I suggested boycotting those companies until they changed their policies.

Hopefully some of this pressure made these companies see sense, as a lot of these discriminatory policies have now been removed.

However, a year on and some companies have found a loop hole, making them appear less discriminatory. Now, they can’t be seen to be discriminating against their unvaccinated employees because they will only employ vaccinated individuals in the first place!

So it’s time to name and shame again. If you know of any companies that are still treating their unvaccinated employees differently or only employing vaccinated individuals, then add their names in the comments sections below (please add a link to their policy for verification).

Below is a…

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