The Guardians — Counter-Currents

Vermont Folk Troth

[…]2020 was a tipping point of chaos: COVID lockdowns, George Floyd riots and deification, an Alzheimer’s POTUS, adolescent mutilation as a “civil right,” Ukraine.

[…]Many things have fallen apart — our southern border, a very big one. […] the legitimacy of our regime that has loosed “mere anarchy” upon us rests upon a vast edifice of lies. Lies are the “coin of the realm.” The ruling class’ criminality, depredations, and depravity grow and persist because the ruled continue to believe in the lies.

[…]Who benefits from the belief in what they say? Refusing to believe is an act of courage and independence. Don’t surrender to the social blackmail[…] Believing them makes you into a fool and easy to manipulate. It takes effort not to be one. Seek out people — wise people, smart people you trust who are non-believers. Listen to what they say. Take comfort. They have taken that…

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