Police in America: An Awkward Truth

Hellbound and Down

It’s very difficult to talk about this in polite company, or in any company really in most of the nation, but there’s an awkward truth about cops that most people kinda sorta know, but still won’t take to its obvious conclusion.

Generally speaking, the police are a right-wing force in this country. They support right-wing causes individually, they act on behalf of right-wing elements of the society, and frequently stand down when right-wing forces are engaged against left-wing (or merely populist) forces in street battles.

Yes, they solve crimes. Even relatively nonpropagandistic, cop-focused shows likeThe Wire(which was produced by a police reporter and a veteran detective) show that aspect of their work. (Merely propagandistic shows, on the other hand, likeLaw & Order,Miami Vice,Hawaii Five-0and myriad others, exist to only glorify that aspect of the job.)

But police departments were formed not to…

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