Neocon Failures Abound

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The next Neocon failure will be the loss of the Ukraine which will be not long after after Putin’s ceasefire ends. Putin probably expects entire units of the Ukrainian army and a lot of the 40,000 man NATO contingent in the Ukraine to surrender as soon as hostilities resume if not before.

The Ukraine won’t be the only Neocon failure in 2023. Syria and Turkey have been meeting with Russian Defense Minister Shoigu. The US is being pushed out of Syria to soon be followed by Iraq. Syria and Turkey will form an alliance against the Kurds who are allies of Israel and its puppet the US.

The whole Syrian regime change project was designed to punish Syria for helping Hezbollah defeat Israel on the ground in the 2006 Lebanon war. Millions of Syrians have been killed since Obama started the war and the sanctions. The US paid terrorists in…

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