Nature Walks – Merlin The Magnificent

Peaceful 🙂

A Jeanne in the Kitchen

On my brief walk-about yesterday, not only was I graced by my new friend the Bushtit, Nature Walks – The Bushtit but I also had the pleasure of a Merlin posing for me up high in a tree. Merlins are part of the falcon family, smaller than a falcon but larger than a kestrel. They are small but ferocious. They are comfortable calling many parts of Colorado home, but we don’t see them all that often. They like to roam the skies.

I have been pondering on a way to showcase my pictures from our beautiful lakes for some time, but was not quite sure how to do it. I had thought about publishing a little book, but in order to produce it to sell, at least for the moment, it would be prohibitively expensive. Yesterday, I was telling this to one of my neighbors, and she suggested I should sell…

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