“It was real in my mind”


Just a few examples of fabricated Holocaust stories.

Herman A. Rosenblat(c.1929 – February 5, 2015) was a Polish-born American author, known for writing a fictitiousHolocaustmemoir titledAngel at the Fence,purporting to tell the true story of a girl who passed him food through the barbed-wire fence at the Schlieben sub-camp of theBuchenwald concentration campin World War II.The book was planned to be published in 2009 by Berkley Books, but was cancelled after it turned out that many elements of his memoir were fabricated and some were contrary to verifiable historical facts. Rosenblat later admitted to lying on purpose with the intention of bringing joy.

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Misha: A Mémoire of the Holocaust Yearsis aliterary hoaxbyMisha Defonseca, first published in 1997. The book was fraudulently published as amemoirtelling the supposed true story of how the author…

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