Farewell to Kings

Σ Frame

A decade of uniquely Masculine viewpoints is now gone.

Targeted Readership:Men
Theme:Consolidating Masculinity
Length:900 words
Reading Time:5 minutes
Image Credit: Scenes from the TV series, Penny Dreadful.

Roosh took down the Return of Kings (ROK) site on 2022/12/21, corresponding with the winter solstice. He explained the reason for his decision as follows.

“After my repentance, I did not see a problem with leaving old secular content online since it did not explicitly teach men how to sin. What’s so wrong with articles like “30 Signs That A Woman Has Been With Over 100 Men” or “16 Signs That You Are A Weak Beta Male,” for example? They couldn’t possibly hurt men, I thought, but I no longer believe that. Any piece of content that is secular, created from a godless perspective, and allows you to keep loving the things of this world will end up…

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