Did You Ever Read a Story About Cow Spies?

American Elephants

I imagine that you look through several news sites when you first sit down at the computer, intending to get a scan of sorts into what has happened since you last sat down at the computer. I immediately ran into what is certainly my favorite news of the day. Never mind the battle for the office of Speaker of the House.

The Palestinians have accused the Israelis of training their cows to spy on them. How could you possibly beat that one! It kind of puts the daily news of the world into a slightly different category. I’m not sure just what the category is, but it’s clearly a new one!

I think there used to be, a long time ago, a radio program titled “Can You Top This?” if I remember correctly, which I may not. This fits right in! Cow Spies! Wonderful! Easily misread as cow pies, which…

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