Coats of Arms

The Serpent's Loft

Moot point. I love Coats of Arms. I make them. Sometimes I sell them. If I know you. In the flesh. I’ll post a few pictures. You can troll my art blog for more. Or not. Read on anyway.

Coats of Arms are a fine thing. They used to be great indicators in society at large. I remember when I began to take interest in them. It was through a conversation which I had thought would be fleeting. In passing I mentioned my family Coat of Arms to a friend from Bavaria. I should have known it would become a thing, she liked to fight. As it went, she took umbrage with me and demanded to know what a mere family had done to deserve such a privilege. For in Bavaria, I was told, heraldry was reserved for Nobles. Filthy peasants need not apply. Grody little beggars, etc. I…

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