CDXIII – The Weight Of The World

Times-Dispatch of Vichy Earth

Commenter Alexis recently suggested I take a look at the book “Lord of the World” by Mgsr. Robert Hugh Benson. I can’t get the book yet but I soaked up the Wikipedia page because I don’t care about spoilers. It put me in an apocalyptic frame of mind.

The book is about the Antichrist, and with vivid clarity (even through the obscuring lens of the Wikipedia summary) describes his rise and the fall of Christianity on earth, hailing the coming of the end times.

What I read was jarring, because it was so familiar. It was scary also in how it depicted well meaning faithful perpetrating evil in defense of Holy Mother Church; it was scary in how it depicted the indifference of the areligious to extreme violence; it was scary in how it depicted the requisite penance and purgation required. And, may I remind you–these dark clouds fell…

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