AI Is the Answer To Modern Cybersecurity Threats

The projects I work on, I must attest that a hypothetical AI schematic that has predictive intelligence would assist the human element at the helm. Have seen proper AI (that was the byproduct of advanced data analytics feeding deep machine learning) handle a lot of mundane and tedious examination tasks that takes humans an extremely large amount of energy and wherewithal for the work.

Bottom line: I am able to examine the network security events, transactions, real-time “happenings” of a network – where I hover from 50,000 feet above of the entire apparatus…and AI is on the ground, ground zero, shooting flares when anomalies are discovered


Why embracing AI solutions is key to combatting evolving cyber threats across many sectors.

By Ralph Chammah, CEO, OwlGaze

With cyber threats becoming increasingly diverse in how they strategically cripple organisations, the cybersecurity landscape is under increasing pressure to bolster its technology and defence methods. Cyber-attacks have only become more frequent year-on-year, with the costs to an unprepared business only increasing with them. Data breaches can harm not only your organisation’s wallet but also your reputation. It is therefore imperative that businesses branch out when it comes to data protection, and AI could indeed be the answer cyber operatives need to detect and prevent threats before they can do any damage.

No industry is safe

Cyber-attacks are not limited to one sector. As we have witnessed throughout this year, no industry is safe. In the healthcare industry alone, doctors continue to struggle to cope with the fallout of a major…

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