2023 So Far

CoVaids deathVvax clotshots /dying of suddenly/inflation too real/recession? This is different…it is an economic meltdown…/trannies and pedophiles still have the moral authority over white, Christian patriarchy/Jews control everything and if one wants to have an intellectually honest discussion about this reality they are silenced, cancelled, smeared, financially broken, slandered, mocked, shamed, banished and being killed is not out of the question – because the Jews firmly hold their power to do this very thing is a myth…Ukraine democracy war 2030 going good for the shareholder class of the defense contractors… cryptocurrencies are FINISHED and the origin of their demise of the fact the cryptocurrency became a speculative asset some 10,11 years ago when Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, etc began speculating on the value of the cryptocurrency (cryptocurrencies were intended to circumvent the existing Talmudic global financial vampire squid central banking system, to conduct business and pay peer-to-peer in an anonymous fashion…but, the crypto became part of the financialization-based economy of white collar high stakes gambling…yeah 2023 will suck …

The Tony Burgess Blog

I don’t think I am a fan of 2023 so far. It’s kinda sucking so far.

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