US Army Stealing Dozens More of Syrian Oil and Wheat Tankers


Biden forces under the guise of the US Army operating illegally in Syria continue to steal Syrian oil and wheat on a daily basis ever since their deployment under the fake task of combating ISIS, the latest was 60 tankers and trucks yesterday alone.

Our sources in the Al Jazira region confirmed spotting two convoys of tankers and trucks loaded with stolen Syrian oil and wheat heading toward the US military bases in Iraq, and crossing into the neighboring country through the two illegal Al Waleed and Mahmoudiyeh crossings.

The convoy comprising 24 trucks and tankers carrying stolen Syrian wheat and oil was accompanied by US armored vehicles, it crossed into Iraq through the illegal Al Waleed crossing point.

Another convoy of 36 tankers carrying stolen Syrian oil was seen heading toward the Al Mahmoudieh illegal crossing on the Iraqi borders, no reports of seeing US armored vehicles with this…

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