Great Game 2.0: The Silent Race To Recapture India’s Economy

Empire Diaries

The Indian economy is leaking financial wealth like a sieve.

Ratna and Nadim Siraj

December 31, 2022: Fresh waves of Covid-19. Exciting new web series. Political yatras. Suicides in Bollywood. Latest smartphone trends. India’s rivalry with China and Pakistan. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Noisy TV debates. The list of things that keep you engrossed all day goes on and on.

You are living in times when you are constantly bombarded with information that you mostly don’t need. The bombardment of over-information happens via TV, smartphones, internet, newspapers, magazines, radio, schools, movies, books, think tanks, journals, research papers, and advocacy groups.

Interestingly, this overdose of information does not include one sensitive topic that you actually need to know in the larger interest of how your country works. It’s a topic that some global powers don’t want you to pay attention to.


This topic is a certain project…

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