Elephants! Elephants Everywhere!

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The Elephant In The Room. Sooner Or Later People Are Going To Have To Talk About It.

The other Elephant in the room…

Anyhow, my response in the comments:

Everything you needed to know about this fake-ass Covid fiasco was there from day one.

I always thought DIAL EMERGENCY 9-1-1 was the largest Mass Psychosis PsyOp perpetrated on Boobus AmeriKanus. Then along comes the Mass Covid Psychosis PsyOp.

In both cases, they had Boobus on their knees pissing their panties. They had Boobus in total fear. Total horror. Hysterics. Even the very people who now claim to be anti Covid vax experts were crapping their pants… while STILL (now) pushing the “Covid”.

In the first 2 years, I never once heard anyone say, “Oh, I have the flu.” For 2 years all I heard was, “OMG! I have the Covid!”

They literally had Boobus believing… The Covid is everywhere. The…

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2 thoughts on “Elephants! Elephants Everywhere!

  1. Anent “bloviating,” isn’t that precisely what this is? Haven’t I seen photo and/or artistic depictions of Covid 19 that show its cells/molecules’ surfaces to have “pips” or “tits” that are new/distinctly different from the traditional flu-virus cells/molecules? How does this author react/respond to such? I’ll stay tuned….

    (I was double-vaxxed in Jan.Feb. 2020 in the very early stages; at the time I was a “patient” at a residential care-home facility (5 fellow residents; mandatory vaccination). No side-effect — zip — either time; no Covid; no flu. Since then, I removed myself from the LTC facility; I have decided no more jabs (boosters, whatever), but that’s simply a personal decision. I know many people who have been boostered and plan to repeat periodically as recommended by Big Pharma/Big Gummint/HMOs. Good? Bad? Indifferent? Who knows? In any case, I’m not about to piss my panties or crap my pants.)

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