Croatian Leftists Celebrate Introduction of Euro

Political Reactionary

Croatian leftists hate Croatia and everything that reminds them of Croatia. This also includes the Croatian currency – the kuna, because it was also used during the Independent State of Croatia.

The Facebook page “Ustaše su najveća sramota Hrvata” (“Ustashi are the Greatest Shame of the Croats”) posted this:

Kuna – Ustashi currency – idea of Ante Pavelić

Croatian currency is called “kuna”. The public is well familiar with the fact that the name of the Croatian currency is Ustashi one, as only in the NDH (Independent State of Croatia) the monetary unit was called “kuna”. As such one member of the EU had its currency named after the Quisling currency which was only used during Hitler’s occupation and the crimes of the Croatian Quislings – the Ustashi.

Less mentioned is the fact of the origin of the name of the Croatian currency. Specifically, the name “kuna” was given…

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