CONTROLLED DEMOLITION: ‘The Financial Samson Option’, What You Need To Do Before Governments Use It – By Nick Giambruno


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  • “…When the next crisis comes—and I think it could be imminent—the US government will have no choice but to implement its financial Samson Option. In other words, as the US government goes bankrupt, they will drag everyone down with them as they make a desperate wealth grab. There will be enormous implications for the stock market, the US dollar, and monetary alternatives such as gold and Bitcoin. The most important thing you can do is store your savings in something that they won’t be able to seize, confiscate, or use inflation to siphon its value away”

The Financial “Samson Option” and What You Need To Do Before Governments Use It

“Samson Option”

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In the early ‘90s, legendary investigative journalist Seymour Hersh revealed the “Samson Option,” a secret Israeli nuclear deterrence strategy.

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