You’re free to believe whatever you want, chum. That’s the magic of individualism. We get to decide for ourselves.

I find it a bit comical how that scares so many people, the idea of freewill and individualism, but it’s something that will never change. Someone will always push back against the herd.

Someone will always fight monsters.

Here’s something I firmly believe in that marks me as a freethinker and just might stick in your craw. Might stick in a bunch of yahoos’ craws.

There never was a pandemic.

Not now. Not three years ago and mayhaps not ever. The history books already talk about the pandemic and the pretend virus like they were real. They absolutely were not.

Spoon-fed history.

Take it all as interesting possibilities or stories that may or may not be true, but for heaven’s sake quit acting like historical facts are facts.

They are nothing…

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