Rising tensions on the Korean peninsula

Gilbert Doctorow

Iran’s English language broadcaster Press TV yesterday devoted a ten-minute News Review segment to the announcement by U.S. and South Korean authorities of plans to hold joint exercises of nuclear-capable forces in a show of strength meant as their response to the latest ICBM and shorter range missiles by Pyongyang. Meanwhile, a tight-knit alliance between the United States, Japan and South Korea to counter North Korea seems to be in the making.

I had the pleasure to join Press TV’s correspondent in Seoul, Frank Smith, in a brief analysis of these developments. You will note how the anchorman in Teheran pitched questions to each of us which played to our complementary strengths: in-depth knowledge of South Korean politics on the one hand, and, on the other hand, knowledge of the global context for the emerging developments on the Korean peninsula.

Translations into German (Andreas Mylaeus) and French (Youri)

Zunehmende Spannungen…

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One thought on “Rising tensions on the Korean peninsula

  1. I entered this comment at the Doctorow site:

    Insanity, it’s all insanity. But, IMO, the paramount insane party is the always-wanna-be-hegemon USA/its elite (sic), wasting — among various and sundry lesser-MICs abroad — R and D resources, precious raw materials and finished military products and shop-floor labor, along with the military careers (and then lucrative retirement packages plus consulting/corporate-board sinecures built on the backs of impoverished populaces) that flesh out and make infinitely sad this regression — hardly advance — in ‘civilization.’ Insanity, all insanity….

    Good interview/discourse on Press TV!

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