White Women and Affirmative Action

Ideas and Data

When white people voice opposition to affirmative action, it is sometimes claimed that this is hypocritical or problematic because white women have benefited more than any other group from affirmative action. Generally, this claim is made in popular press on the basis of no serious evidence.

For instance, Moore (2022), writing in “Teen Vogue” claimed that “it comes as a surprise to many to discover that white women have benefited more from affirmative action programs and policies than any other demographic.”. Her evidence for this is the fact that Crenshaw (2007) said “the primary beneficiaries of affirmative action have been Euro-American women.”. Crenshaw provided no empirical evidence for this statement.

Similarly,Massie (2016), writing for Vox, stated that: “”The primary beneficiaries of affirmative action have been Euro-American women,” wrote Columbia University law professor Kimberlé Crenshaw for the University of Michigan Law Review in 2006. A 1995 report by…

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5 thoughts on “White Women and Affirmative Action

  1. I find this argument so amusing. The intersectionalists, like Kimberlé Crenshaw, believe that feminist and critical race theory are the greatest things since sliced bread, offering women women the opportunity to liberate themselves from the patriarchy. Yet, women in the workplace is destroying families, abortions on-demand lead to degeneracy, and pitting races against each out diverts energy from solving the big problems that affect us all. I envy the lives of my grandmothers–mothers, homemakers, living comfortably on one income. What benefits have I, a white woman, gained from affirmative action? I honestly have no idea.

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    1. Don’t you know the Lib-Dem’s WANT women to be victims. Be it laying blame on “toxic masculinity”/the “Patriarchy” or being blatantly Anti-White trying to portray a vision where everyone hates Whites in general and White Men specifically. Of course the whole situation is akin to the political duopoly illusion of choice. Women should embody womanly attributes and men masculine attributes along with a sense of tradition. honor, legacy, valor, etc. Yet the current system seeks the destruction of it all under happy [emotionally manipulative] talking points.

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      1. Your nailed it with the “illusion of choice.” It’s not that we *can* work or *can* kill a child, it’s that the system has degenerated to the point that a man can’t support his family on one income and committed relationships are increasingly rare, so women brainwash themselves into believing it’s what they want. It’s truly a sad state of affairs.

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      2. Guess I want to say it’s not all women’s fault as men too have bought into various psyops as well. The folk’s who emerge from the chaos are the future for good or ill, hopefully folk’s who’ll help to cultivate thoughts/attitudes that lie with the historical/traditional/cultural/etc.

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