It is economic World War Too and Russia Wins Again

Europe Renaissance

The West is banking on economic warfare but Russia has already won this war too According to Deutschlandfunk, so far, the Russian economy is coping astonishingly well with Western-imposed sanctions.In the spring of 2022, many economist ‘experts’ were still predicting a sharp downturn in the Russian economy.

The International Monetary Fund predicted a contraction of the country’s economy by 8-9%.However, then these forecasts were cancelled. And now the IMF states that the Russian economy, despite all the sanctions has contracted by only 3.5% which puts broad smiles on Russian-European faces.

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Some economists believed that theendfor Russia might not come until 2023 at the earliest.But now, even for the coming year, the forecasts are not as gloomy as the ‘experts’ were…

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