Euthanasia, Even Among Children, Is on the Rise — What’s Driving the Trend to Market Death?

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The growing worldwide trend of euthanasia and/or assisted suicide, especially among children and young people, has critics asking troubling questions about the real motivation behind a spate of new laws.

ByChildren’s Health Defense

Global Research, December 20, 2022

Children’s Health Defense16 December 2022

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In a recent CHD.TV episode of “Good Morning CHD,” three Canadian doctors —Drs.Charles HoffeandStephen MalthouseandChris Shaw, Ph.D. — discussedCanada’s disturbing normalizationsince 2016 of “medical assistance in dying” (“MAID”) and their government’s possibly imminentendorsement of the practicefor “mature minors” who request death without parental knowledge or consent.

“Physician-assisted suicide,” “assisted suicide,” “assisted dying” and euthanasia — each with slightly differentlegal connotations— all refer tomedical…

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One thought on “Euthanasia, Even Among Children, Is on the Rise — What’s Driving the Trend to Market Death?

  1. I have always been against euthanasia.

    In Hongkong, there are many stories of succesful actresses, singers committing suicide at the height of their careers. Are there any official explanations? It is commonly known in the Asian circle that the Underworld lends money at very high interest to people (mostly gambling addicts who borrow at 10% a day) who have to pay back the debt with interest or commit suicide otherwise their family members may get harmed.

    There is a bridge near a Cambodian casino near to the Vietnamese border. The Vietnamese name for that bridge means the Debt Erasing Bridge (“Cầu Xóa Nợ”): Those who jumped down from it had their high interest debts erased.

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